Refund policy

1. 60-day risk-free trial for qualifying items and standard items 

1.1 If you have never placed an order with us through or or, you are entitled to exercise our 60-day risk-free trial (hereinafter referred to as the “60-day-policy”) for one product purchased in your first order with us (if you purchase a bundle pack, you may only claim a refund for one opened and used qualifying product under the 60-day risk-free trial). As such, you are entitled to test only 1 item purchased from your first order for up to 60 days. If during that time you are unsatisfied with the product, we shall refund or credit you in full (excluding delivery costs), and you are entitled to keep the item. 

1.2 In order for the Client to exercise the 60-day risk-free trial, all the following requirements shall be fulfilled: 

  1.  This is the first time you have purchased from or or

  2. You made your first purchase after the 23rd of January 2023
  3. You purchased a qualifying product: 

    • Super leakproof Minerva 
    • Super leakproof Athena 
    • Super leakproof Venus 
    • Discovery Set 
    • Super leakproof Gaïa 
    • Super leakproof Luna
    • Super Leakproof Nursing Bra Cybele
    • Leakproof Detachable Rhea
    • Super Leakproof Hera
4. You have contacted our customer service at at least once within the first 60 days to give first feedback and seek advice on the use of the product.

1.3 You can get a refund for one qualifying product. If you purchase a bundle pack, you may only claim a refund for one opened and used qualifying product under the 60-day risk-free trial (the rest of the bundle is not covered by the 60-day trial, however, you may be entitled to return them using the other return options listed in section 2. Exchanges & returns):

  1.   It has been less than 60 days since you received the product.

  2.   You will pay for the return of the item should we request the item to be returned.

1.4 To claim your 60 Day Risk-Free Trial, please contact our customer service and ask for the 60-day policy. If you do not ask for the policy, customer service may not be able to grant you the policy.

1.5 If you wish to purchase items that do not fall under the 60-day-risk-free trial policy in accordance with section 1.1, all items shall be subject to the provisions set forth in sections 6, 7, and 8 of the Terms.  

1.6 If you purchased a bundle item, you will be refunded the price of the bundle in the pro-rata of the bundle (for example: £60 for a set of 3-period underwear, you will be refunded £20)

2. Exchanges & returns 

2.1 We offer our customers a 30-day return policy. You have 30 days after receiving your order to return your unworn and unused products to us (except if they fall into the 60-day risk-free trial (section 1)).

2.2 We only accept unworn & unused products returned in their original condition. We also recommend that you use our shipping packaging for the return shipment, for the sake of the environment. To check the size, we ask you to try the period underwear over your regular underwear.

2.3 The return shipping is at the customer's own expense. The exchange of our products also applies a 30-day exchange period after receipt of your order, already worn panties can't be returned or exchanged.

2.4 The return shipment/exchange is to be sent to our European returns warehouse in Germany

2.5 To request a return/exchange please send us an email with your full name and order number to

2.6 Products returned without contacting our customer service will not be accepted. Customer Service will give you all the necessary instructions and provide you with a form to fill out and include with your package. If this form is not filled out or not included in the package, your order will not be refunded.

2.7 In the event of refunds regarding bundles of purchased items, if you wish to return the bundle including several items, you agree to return each item comprising the bundle as a whole and not just one item which is part of the purchased bundle.

2.8 Shipping fees are not refunded. 

2.9 In order to receive a full refund for a bundle, you need to return ALL the items of the bundle. For example, if you buy a set of 3-period underwear for £60 but only return 2, you will be refunded £40. 

3. Damaged products or other issues

3.1 Please check your order immediately after you receive it and before you try it on. For example, if you notice a production error or your order does not contain all the items you ordered, please contact us immediately so we can work together to find a solution and take pictures straight away.

3.2 Please contact us at with your full name, order number, and photos.

3.3 Returns and exchanges are not possible if the products have already been worn or used. Exchanges and returns are also not possible if the products have been damaged by you. Products to be returned must be in original condition and unworn.

3.4 NSIW-AC guarantees a full refund of the items and/or replace the faulty item in accordance with section 7 (Withdrawal of Order of the Terms & Services), provided that all items are products deemed defective. In such regard, in order to get a full refund, you must provide us with proof of such defects by sending an email to our email address  

8.2 We guarantee that faulty items, after our thorough checks, if eligible, will be either refunded or replaced with a new item sent to you and we will bear all delivery charges in light of those faulty items. Please note that incorrect orders without a proof (e.g. wrong or missing items), cannot be refunded, replaced, or handled by NSIW-AC and will not be refunded.